Mensaje del Presidente

Founded in 1994 as a learning organization, AVINA in 2009 had the chance to reorganize its strategy and structure according to the distillation of its 15 years of learning. Real change is never easy. In 2009, the AVINA team carried out a six-month participatory redesign process to bring operations in line with our priorities, which in turn generated a new operating model and changes in staffing and offices.


As a result, our team of more than 100 dedicated professionals has maintained its presence in 13 Latin American countries, with enhanced flexibility through a virtual platform to be closer to our allies. We have broadened our ally base, diversifying the network of leaders and organizations with whom we are working through a simplified approach. We have also increased efficiency and reduced costs across the board.


From a strong footing in the local context of the countries of Latin America, we have worked with our partners to identify opportunities to link and scale up common initiatives in recycling, water, climate change, the Amazon, inclusive business, and a number of other key areas of relevance to Latin America and the world. We see these initiatives as opportunities because each represents a concrete step toward our goal of contributing to positive changes with continental relevance.


We define these opportunities with our allies, building a shared agenda we can work on together. Once the opportunity is clear, there are certain elements that are key to sparking change: responsible leadership, trust networks, multi-sector alliances, and common agendas for action. AVINA works as a peer, joining in causes, making long-term commitments, sharing directly with our allies in risks, successes and setbacks.


To support these shared strategies, AVINA has developed a Global Relations strategy that links regional networks in Latin America with international ones. Through these links, we seek to scale up successful initiatives, increase their international visibility, and exchange know-how between Latin America and other regions. FundaciĆ³n AVINA also contributed to the creation of AVINA Americas as a platform for forging alliances with leading organizations in North America. Together with our international allies, we mobilized and invested more than USD 40 million in 2009 to support the causes we share.


AVINA is now focusing its efforts on 10-15 opportunities across Latin America, supporting actions at the local, national and regional levels in each case. At the same time, we are investing in a vigorous incubation, innovation and networking program in each country where we operate to create the vital seedbed for solutions to tomorrow's challenges.


Now that our internal transition is complete, we are excited about returning our full energy to the field, targeting the exciting opportunities for change that we are building with allies. In these critical times of global uncertainty and transformation, the world relies on those who understand the change process, who can identify opportunities to tilt the balance toward sustainability, and broker effective alliances for action. We are inspired by the thousands of leaders and organizations with whom we work, and together we see both a critical need and fertile ground for making a difference in Latin America and the world.


Sean McKaughan