Mensaje del Presidente

AVINA contributed to 76 results that promote sustainable development in Latin America: verifiable changes in practices brought about by the work of our partners, allies and their networks with AVINA support.


Twelve of these achievements benefit more than one million Latin Americans.


The AVINA team redesigned its operational model and structure from top to bottom in a six-month participatory process to improve alignment with long-term vision and objectives.


As part of its redesign, AVINA launched a strategy to prioritize impact opportunities of continental relevance with five such regional initiatives announced in 2009.


The AVINA community of partners and allies held steady at 4,720, slightly less than 2008, but 11% more than 2007, while our new streamlined approach to collaboration will allow for more flexible growth in the future.


AVINA reduced its administrative costs across 13 countries by 6% in absolute terms despite absorbing a series of one-time costs related to its internal transition, and projects further savings in 2010 from the restructuring implemented in 2009.


AVINA invested USD 13.7 million and helped mobilize USD 28.1 million for a total of USD 41.8 million directed to our allies and the initiatives we support in Latin America.


Visits to our website increased by more than 70% to around a quarter million visits, while the number of registered users of our virtual learning exchange “Compartir” grew by nearly 30%. Our online Index of Latin American Donors, launched in August in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank, reached tens of thousands of users in its first months in cyberspace.


Investigative reporters participating in our Becas program reached an estimated audience of more than 70 million through their respective media, disseminating innovative perspectives and stories related to sustainable development in Latin America.


Fundación AVINA signed and strengthened co-funding alliances with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Skoll Foundation, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Packard Foundation, the Coca-Cola Foundation and the Interchurch Organisation for Development Cooperation (ICCO) to jointly support our network of allies in Latin America.