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Fundación AVINA’s Sources of Financing
Since 2008 AVINA has sought more proactively to develop co-investment alliances with other philanthropic organizations in order to increase the quantity and quality of resources available for continental strategies which AVINA promotes with its allies in Latin America. While VIVA Trust continues to be the primary source of funds administered by Fundación AVINA, in 2009 the investments that other institutions make to our institution continued to grow.


Most of the resources we mobilized for continental strategies go directly to the allies we work with. In specific cases, AVINA receives and administers funds of co-investors to help support our allies in Latin America. The diversity of sources in the financial table for 2009 reflects these cases:

Value in USD
  VIVA Trust

Bill & Melinda

Gates Foundation

  Packard Foundation
  Other sources


Investments in Latin America since 1994

Country TOTALS 2009
Argentina 26,288 879
Bolivia 6,252 360
Brazil 34,925 2,927
Chile 17,801 796
Colombia 2,205 431
Ecuador 4,410 560
Central American Countries and Mexico 12,557 233
Paraguay 17,345 158
Peru 13,004 182
Uruguay 1,155 83
Venezuela 956 0
More than one country 194,015 7,127
Total 330,913 13,736

Values in thousands of US dollars.


The table and charts reflect the cumulative total investment in each country when the investment was directed at a single country. In the cases where an investment by AVINA was directed at two or more countries, it has been classified as “More than one country.”