Relaciones Globales

Table 1

Table 1 shows that although we did not attain the same level of results as in 2008, in 2009 we reached our most important goal by contributing to 12 "Level 1" achievements in Latin America. These are verifiable changes which impact more than one million people and in which AVINA’s contribution was significant. We also registered 62 other achievements at a more local level. We consider these results to be encouraging, particularly in light of the fact that in 2009 the institutional restructuring diverted efforts and energy from our core activities.


Table 2 – Partners and Allies

Indicators 2009 2008 2007
Partners and allies 4,720 5,108 4,232

Table 2 indicates that the number of allies with whom AVINA collaborates in the 13 countries in which we operate has increased by 11% since 2007, reaching a peak in 2008. It is important to note that these are free, dynamic relations, with allies entering and exiting our tally each year. We estimate the annual renewal rate to be between 10-20%.


Table 3

Indicators 2009 Goal 2009 ATTAINED
Visits to web page 140,000 visits;
55% first-time visits
241,927 visits;
78% new visits
Invitations to "Let's share" Average of 870 visits
per month
1,113 average visits
per month

As can be seen from table 3, we surpassed our goal of visits to our Website by 73%, and the average number of monthly visits to our public "Let's share” knowledge platform exceeded our goal by 28%.


Table 4

Indicators 2009 Goal 2009 ATTAINED
AVINA USD 15.5 million USD 13.74 million
Leveraged USD 24 million USD 28.1 million

Table 4 indicates the total of social investments to have been USD 13.74 million, slightly below the projected goal. This result is largely due to an institutional decision to maintain a low rate of new investments during the first quarter of 2009 so as to prioritize the institutional re-structuring over the first months. Nonetheless, we surpassed our goal for leveraged funding for our allies by 17%. In other words, the total amount of resources mobilized for causes and initiatives supported by AVINA exceeded our goals reaching almost USD 42 million.


Table 5

Indicators 2009 Goal 2009 ATTAINED
% Administration 20% 22%

Regarding the indicator that measures the percentage of administration costs, although we did not achieve the intended goal, it is important to stress that this does not indicate an increase in operational costs. It is mainly due to not having disbursed all social investment funds in 2009 (table 4). We anticipate reduction in this indicator next year as the majority of improvements to operational efficiency implemented in 2009 will take effect in 2010.